Connecting doctors and patients through online medical records

When I moved to Arizona, unfortunately my doctor stayed back in California. I had been seeing the same doc my whole life, so, needless to say- I wasn’t thrilled about the situation. After several years in my new hometown, I realized that I needed to finally find a new family doctor, and couldn’t just keep visiting Urgent Care as a replacement. So, there I was, in the ‘new’ doctor’s office, with a blank file, and no historical medical records, no backlog of my 30+ years of doctor visits, and no prescription history.

Sound familiar?  Well, this does not have to happen again. I decided to put all my medical records on a HIPPA approved electronic medical record platform. Now, all my doctor’s visits are uploaded, all my tests are scanned in, and any appointment that I have via telemedicine is fully recorded. If you haven’t ever heard of electronic medical records- stay tuned, because you are about to hear more. The federal government is trying to make electronic medical records more prevalent. The Department of Health and Human Services says only 20 percent of doctors and 10 percent of hospitals use electronic medical records. Health care providers can now receive tens of thousands of dollars through Medicare and Medicaid to help pay for the cost of converting to computerized records. Now your medical history will be totally accessible to you, 100% anytime and anywhere!


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