“Let Your Uniqueness Come Forth”- Joe Bardin

Last Monday I did what I always do on Mondays, attended a People Unlimited Inc. event (www.peopleunlimitedinc.com), and had the honor to be around some of the most amazing people in the world. Joe Bardin (President of Relativity Writing (http://www.relativitywriting.com) was one of the contributors that evening, and he spoke about many awesome things- but the one that stood out was about Extremism.  Extremism is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived norms of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate normal standards. He asked the question “If you aren’t being extreme all the time, then what are you doing?” Well, Joe- that’s a good question! I guess the reverse is true then, being normal… Yikes! How incredibly BORING! It seems that too many people in the world are ready stay away from Extremism, because unfortunately that term has gotten a bad wrap. May be it’s from all the political and religious violators that we coin ‘Extremists’, who  terrorize others and have little to no sense of compassion for human being. Or perhaps it is the result of too many people liking and wanting the ‘norm’ , so much so that can’t imagine stepping so far outside the invisible lines of our society, to actually be different, radical, and extreme.  Whatever it is- it has to stop. Because if we don’t start getting more extreme, we will all end up like cloned robots that cycle ourselves through generations down our family trees… grand-daughter like daughter like mother like grandmother like great-grandmother, and so on and so on. Hey, I’m all for similarities, but if I’m not for the patterns that seem to get passed throughout generations. It takes some major Extremism is step outside of those norms and not get lost in the shuffle. Joe also spoke of how everybody has a signature body language…I love that! Who doesn’t like ‘signature’ clothing, cars, etc…. now add your ‘signature’ body language to the mix! Let that uniqueness come forth- you might just surprise yourself when you realize Extremism is actually fun!


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