You are Responsible. So, What are You Going to Do?

Awe, that thing? ‘Responsibility’!  We can’t wait to get it when we were younger, and we can’t wait to push it on to others now that we are all grown up! Funny thing, isn’t it? Unfortunately, nobody wants your responsibility, so sorry- you are stuck with it! I was thinking the other day about just how many things I am responsible for, and how I go about organizing and prioritizing it all. I thought at first that there was no real method to my madness. Things just come up and I deal with them, and then I move on. What I didn’t realize is that there actually is a method- my method- an authentic one, I just didn’t realize was happening! I see that a lot with some of the clients I deal with. They have a flow about how to handle and prioritize everything, but since they are not in touch with it consciously, they feel that they are just spinning through one motion to another, and are left with a lot of incomplete tasks, and the weight on their back just seems to get increasingly larger day by day. Simply literally creating a game plan- I mean, actually writing it down, works wonders. It gives you the black and white reality of what you are responsible for, and allows you to see if your expectations of how and when you are going to complete them are actually feasible!

Game plan? “No way!”, you say. “There are too many variables, too many ‘what if’s’ throughout my day- I can’t possibly plan out all of those unknowns!” I get it. I understand. Trust me! That’s why leverage is the key. Look for things to reduce your time spent on those impossible-to-predict situations. For example, look at integrating into your ‘technical toolbox’ some sort of cloud computing for your work and personal files. An example is DropBox. This fabulous tool allows you to access your docs/videos/photos, anywhere and anytime. It also allows for file sharing- wonderful for when you have group projects or event planning. Personally I use this for the charity I manage, as well as with various clients I work with. It saves tons of times, I’m never wondering if I can access files because it saves to my laptop- and is available in cyberspace for me!  It’s real files updating in real time. Another proactive solution to unexpected issues,  is to subscribe to a Telemedicine plan. Telemedicine is simply defined as joining doctors with patients, through the use of everyday technology such as telephone or internet (webcam and email). The American Medical Association said that nearly 80% of all Emergency Room, Urgent Care, and family doctor visits could have been handled over the phone! And don’t worry- it’s legal to diagnose and prescribe over the phone as well (in 49 states). Since I prefer US based and licensed doctors, and also flip back and forth between Naturopathic care and Western Medicine, I chose HealthNation Connect- to date they are the only company that offers both services (along with many other benefits). See As a matter of a fact, if you haven’t caught on already, I loved their service so much, I accepted a position to work with them as well! Nevertheless- This solves the last minute issues of a sick child, your allergies acting up, a tummy ache, pink eye on Christmas morning, etc…. You know, everything that seems to happen after Urgent Care hours, on weekends and holidays! I was sold on this service when I was used it – I was feeling sick, and on my way from one appointment to another, I called the doctor, had a consultation, and he had a prescription waiting for me to pick up on my way home. In one car ride, I solved an issue that would have lingered for weeks, or taken up half of my day. That’s what I mean. Solutions to those ‘what-if’s’ that happen, so that I could finish out my day and handle all the responsibilities that no one else would take care of, but……Me.



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