Dear Doctor….You’re FIRED! (How do you know when to fire your doctor?)

It is important that every substantial relationship in your life is based on trust, openness, respect, honesty, and the ability to listen to one another. This premise holds true in all areas of life, and therefore is applicable when it comes to you and your doctor. I don’t want to throw all doctors under the bus here, but there some doctors that, unfortunately, fail miserably when it comes to the criteria for a good ‘relationship’ partner.  Let’s take me for example. Last year, whenever I was sick, I would visit my main doctor, and without fail, it looked like this: I schedule an appointment. I arrive on time for that appointment. I wait for 1-2 hours to see her (yes, hours….this amazes me, seeing how there are not that many people in the waiting room, and few examination rooms too!). My consultation is about 4 minutes, which would be shorter- except I tend to ask a lot of questions, which seems to annoy her….Sorry, I guess I’m just vested in my health and want to know ‘why’ you are recommending to take a certain medicine over another! So, for all of that, I pay $65 (on a high deductible health insurance plan), and they schedule me for a re-exam. Now, to me that exchange lacked respect of my time, the inability to  comfortably communicate openly and listen….and because all of that, I lost trust that she was uniquely evaluating my health issue, rather than jamming me in to a cookie cutter solution!


Total time spent with doctor: 4 minutes (Costing me $65 on top of my monthly insurance)

Total time I spent away from work overall: 2-3 hours (Costing me time off of work).

Worth it? Nope.


That’s when I was recommended by a friend to try Telemedicine for my common daily health issues, such as allergies, sinus issues, flu, mild aches and pains, rashes, headaches, etc…stuff like that. So, in January this year, I did. I was driving from one business appointment to another, and during the commute I called into HealthNation Connect (the name of the product my entire household is covered on, for only $30/m!) During the time it took to drive from one location to the next, I had a diagnostic review with a doctor licensed in my state, he prescribed me a Zpack over the phone and called it in to my local pharmacy. It was amazing!


Total time spent with doctor: 15 minutes (Cost was included in my monthly subscription)

Total time spent away from work overall: ZERO.

Worth it? Yep.


My Doctor = Fired.

 My Telemedicine Doctor = Hired!




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