Stop being burdened by out of pocket healthcare costs…..

Oftentimes debates and media coverage are focused on the millions of Americans living without health insurance. The astronomical bills that can be accrued caring for these individuals are indeed worth discussing, however, little attention is paid to how burdensome “normal” medical bills can be to the average family.

According to the Agency For Healthcare Research and Quality – a federal entity that tracks data from the healthcare field – the average cost of a general practice, pediatric or internal medicine office visit is $100. Overall, the average cost of a doctor office visit is $155 if you include specialists. Now, maybe those numbers seem minimal at first glance, but think about how often a family might visit their physician, the ER or urgent care in a given year. It wouldn’t take long to devote a good chunk of income to something that should be easy: staying healthy. And that’s exactly what has happened across the country, because the AHRQ also found that office visits account for 30 percent of the total U.S. Healthcare expenditures.

That’s why HealthNation offer relief for thousands of people. Filling in the gaps that insurance leaves too often today thanks to high deductibles and expensive co-pays, we provide our members access to doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for an incredibly low cost. In fact, one consultation will likely save you enough money that the membership will pay for itself.

Written by BM on September 3, 2011 from HN

Posted by Dray Carson


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