Social Media: Balancing professional and personal personas

Oh, technology. Long gone are the days when a not-so-flattering picture could be simply thrown away, Google didn’t know who you were, and your “browsing history” was limited to which magazines you read. In today’s society, anyone can access personal/ non-work related information with a few clicks on the Internet. The ability to easily communicate to massive audiences creates extreme risk of negative exposure for employers, employees, and job candidates. So are there any laws governing this? If so, what are they?

In this webinar, we will approach all angles of this topic from the views of an employee to the business owner. Answers to our most frequently asked technology and social media questions/issues, will be revealed along with the facts you need to know to stay compliant.

-Job Candidates
Using internet searches. Risks and rewards.

-Former Employees
Risks of staying virtually in touch (linked-in, maintaining social media connection, etc).

-Current Employees
He tweeted what?!?!

Can employees be disciplined for Facebook and Twitter activities?
Top 5 things that help a Social Media Policy to stand strong.

Make sure you and your staff stays informed. 

View our Webinar on Social Media and the Slide Show!

Article contributed by G&A Partners.


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