Protect Your Business

With the growth of the human resources outsourcing industry, it’s not a surprise that more companies are looking at ways to increase the productivity of their staff through outsourcing the areas of their business that are not directly related to company’s core competency. Where once companies would look to their office manager or controllers to handle the HR needs of the business, business owners are realizing that they need ‘professional help’ when it comes to staying on top of employee labor laws, keeping up with the necessary filings, handling claims management, policies, and handbooks, and now dealing with health care reform.

But what do you do if you need extra help but can’t afford to hire a full time team of professionals (or even just one specialist) in the Human Resources industry? A professional employer organization (PEO) offers a far more comprehensive approach to helping companies manage their business’s human resources responsibilities. Chances are you are probably outsourcing multiple areas of your business. Some common areas that businesses outsource are payroll, insurance/benefits, legal issues, risk management and training. However, a PEO is able to provide your company with the opportunity to outsource a bulk of the employee related responsibilities to one source, so that you don’t have to devote your time tracking down multiple vendors, negotiate rates with benefit providers or hiring staff to manage it for you. A PEO takes on the majority your business’s time consuming HR tasks and non-revenue generating activities, so that you and your internal staff members have more time to grow your business. For a fraction of the cost, these HR specialists are available to provide guidance and recommendations to fit your specific needs in areas such as employment administration, compliance questions, labor laws, recruiting and hiring, polices and best practices, performance management and more! PEOs are not a staffing company or payroll company, rather they represent a suite of services in the areas of transactional HR, Workers’ Comp, Risk Management, Benefits and Payroll.

G&A Partners is one of the largest privately held PEO companies with offices throughout the United States. Many businesses around the country are reaching out to G&A to see how they can help them increase their profitability, increase employee productivity, reduce the time that is spent on transactional human resources, reduce the liability associated with having employees and ultimately reduce overall labor costs of the business. Find out how G&A can help you create the time you need to grow your business. Contact Dray Carson at or 480-229-3363 for a complimentary consultation.


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