Andraya Carson: Ways to Help Make Office Meetings More Tolerable

As we all know, business meetings often take up valuable work time. In a TLNT article, Laura Stack addresses that meetings are not something you can completely escape, and you may never enjoy them; however, there are eight ways that can help make them more tolerable.

  1. Decide whether the meeting is even necessary. Why call a full meeting if you can handle the issue with a few phone calls or emails?
  2. Get started on time. Don’t start over because someone was late. They can take notes from a colleague later or find out later.
  3. Use a facilitator. Have someone in charge of making sure the meetings start and end on time, keeping the discussion on topic, acknowledging speakers, soliciting opinions, and keeping a few people from dominating the meeting.
  4. Change the venue. Maybe having a laid back meeting at a local Starbucks will spark creative thinking.
  5. Provide food. People feel better when there’s something to munch on. Provide yummy foods, as well as healthy ones.
  6. Make the agenda crystal clear. Why are you meeting, and what do you expect to accomplish as a result? Distribute the organized agenda beforehand, and clarify responsibilities for the future.
  7. Be very picky about who attends. Don’t invite someone to a meeting if it barely applies to that person. If they need a general idea of what happened, send them a copy of the notes.
  8. Schedule breaks for long meetings. A good rule of thumb is a 5-10 minute break per hour to stretch and take care of biological needs.

Note: Icebreakers just take up valuable time, and routine meetings aren’t supposed to be fun—just necessary. If “team-building” was a goal of the meeting, it may be more appropriate.

Source credit: originally posted by G&A Partners:


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