Andraya Carson: A Message for Graduates: Take Risks, Don’t Fear Failure

Secretary Perez speaks at the University of Baltimore commencement ceremony.

It’s graduation season, and Secretary Perez has been invited to speak at commencement ceremonies at a number of institutions around the country. In his remarks, Perez advised graduates that, in order to truly succeed, be willing to take calculated risks, and don’t be afraid of failure. Noting that our nation faces daunting challenges, he encouraged graduates to use their education to expand opportunity and advance justice. “It’s your turn to do your part to ensure an opportunity society — one where every person has a chance to realize their highest and best dreams,” he said. “It’s your turn, as you travel forth and build successful careers, to ensure the ladder is down for everyone. As you climb the ladder yourselves, it’s your turn to reach back and give a hand up to others who, like you, are willing to work hard to get a piece of the American dream, but could use a little help reaching the next rung.”

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